Monday, May 21, 2012

Managing my MS


It's been forever since my last entry. Lots of things have been going on. Mostly good. My Ms is under control for the most part. I try and keep a positive mindset. It is what it is and I have to make the best of my situation. Seems like the more I stress,the worse off I feel. Who wants to be miserable all the time? Not me. The past few days I have had an episode.The brain fog,massive headaches,numbness and feeling dizzy. Gives me a good excuse to sit on my rump and watch trash TV!! LOL.

I have a few friends who understand what I am going through and that helps bunches. Don't like talking about my situation much unless someone asks. Even then there is this nice weird bit of silence that follows. Nobody likes that. Learning to say "I'm just fine thank you very much." Learning to manage is key when it comes to this disease,or any other. Most days I'm feeling just fine and I know I'm a lucky girl.
Count your blessings as well as your health!! Never know when the things you treasure most of all could be changed in an instant.

Peace and love till the next time!!! :))

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birthday blues

Hello! It's been a good while since I have blogged. Just needed a break I guess. Yesterday I turned 36. First year to be diagnosed with MS. I have looked back at this past year and it has been a huge blur for sure. For my last bday I had a blast with a great friend of mine,whom I met on the internet on a Weight Watchers support group. She has been one of my few rocks I tend to lean on. We had so much fun making pb cupcakes and just hanging out. I am thankful for people like her in my life.
This year my husband and I hung out with a newly wed couple,Holli and Chris. She is my good friend as well and we get to work together side by side. She had the most beautiful wedding a couple of weeks ago and I had the pleasure of being in it. We went to dinner,then had ice cream,after that we decided on going to the movies. I was actually able to stay awake and enjoyed myself!

Earlier in my day I do gotta say I got a lil depressed and felt so alone. Heard a song on the radio and actually started to get upset and cried alone in my car. I have only allowed myself to cry twice since my diagnosis. I grew up fast and had to learn quickly not to depend upon others in my life. May sound a lil mean to say this on my blog but my own father didn't even call to wish me happy birthday. That says something for sure. I'm a lucky girl though. My husband is my rock!! He let me have the day off today from cooking and he helped with my grocer shopping today. Such a sweetie <3

I do have to add that over all I have been feeling a bit better. Aside from some pain every now and again I do ok. Today I had some weirdness going on with my right eye so in the morning I will call my Nuro just to be on the safe side. Have been told that it's for sure another symptom of ms. Ok let me see...legs and arms falling asleep,headaches,constipation,sudden urge to urinate,body aches,dizzyness,the list goes on and on lol!! I'm lucky though really I am! So far no loss of sight and nor am I in a wheel chair. :))

From now on each birthday will be special and I will continue to push on. No giving up here allowed. Your only as young as you feel and right now I feel 60 but that's ok!!! LOL just kidding.

Well thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I promise to post more often!! :))


Friday, February 17, 2012

Work it

So I haven't written anything in a few days. Just have been a little busy. Over all life is going pretty well. Just had my Copaxone injection in the belly area. Tonight it wasn't too bad. guess I'm just getting use to it. This week I have been getting back into exercise. Dragged out the weighted hula hoop. Love that sucker!! Been eating Gluten free for three weeks now and it seems to be going well. Tonight I did have some baked chips with low fat cheese. I need to get rid of this dairy lol. Does not agree with me at all!! It was easier to give up Starbucks than cheese!! Well I will continue to try my best. Never give up on me.

I saw this photo and it just spoke to me. What does it mean to you? To me it means I can sit on my butt and complain or I can get up and take what it is that I want in life. I just love to listen to people complain about crazy stuff they can control. With MS you have to lean how to manage,not really controlling it completely. When it comes to your health in other aspects,for example food,you do have control. We can choose to be defeated or take the cake by the horns and say no lol!! Omg lets do not talk about cake!! I have a serous sugar addiction that I have to manage. I have learned that once a week I can have a lil something to keep it at bay. Maybe like some Nutella covered strawberries for example. Especially when it's that time if you know what I mean. Clean eatting is super important to me so during the week that is my focus.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I work. Gonna be about that time to start getting into the yard again. The weeds are getting bad. There is nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass!! I love it! Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and remember that if you really want something bad enough all you gotta do is put in a lil work. Make take a while but you are worth the wait. :)

Amy Sleep


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweets and what they do to MS

 As I sit here on my couch snuggled with my beagle Jack,I'm thinking of all the stuff I should be doing lol. Just got done watching The Today Show and now about to watch The DR.'s. Of course it's a Valentines Day special. We won't be going out tonight with the crowd. Totally past that! I would rather stay home and have my husband cook and serve me a nice healthy dinner!! We are gonna have some collards,lean pork chops,oven roasted veggies and my husband wants Key Lime pie. I won't be eating it cus it has gluten and unwanted sugar. I can tell my moods get way off when I over do it on the sugar or even sugar free stuff. I get these weird sensations in the back of my head. Like an itch I just can't get to. My memory acts up as well. With MS you really gotta stay off of the Splenda and sugar substitutes. It breaks down the lining that covers our nerves. Once that is broken down it sends mixed messages through out our body. Thus causing twitches,loss of eye site,numbing  and or burning sensations in our limbs, sensitivity to cold or heat ect..ect.. sooo it's not worth it lol. OMG I miss my diet cherry Dr. Pepper!!! Lifestyle changes are a must. I wanna live a long healthy life. Do I have my moments? WHY YES! Lol,but I have been keeping it to a minimal and am feeling much better.

Think I am finally coming to terms with this Chronic Nerve business. No we are not completely friends but I think we can learn to be neighbors. No I won't bother to knock on your door and ask to watch a movie with ya,nor will I wanna come over and borrow a cup of sugar! You can keep it, If I see that you try and sneak in through a window I will shove you down the fire escape. :) Fight you with all that I have. Will not be defeated.

Enjoy this day with your love.If your love is far then send him or her well wishes. If you don't have one then treat yourself!!

Thanks for reading my blog <3

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rainy day

It's one of those stay on your couch and in your jammies kind of day! Nasty as all get out once you step outside of my door. Got up this morning and lounged for a bit,then did some cleaning. that's when the fatigue and leg wanted to start acting up. I took a lunch break and then decided coffee and some good music was a must!! One of my favorite songs right now is by Flo Rida..Good Feeling. Not only is he a good looking guy but this song and video hits me when I watch it. In some parts of his video he is jogging or doing some sort of exercise. Working out makes such a difference mentally and physically. Today mine was cleaning and having a concert on my couch lol. Go Flo!!!!

Well I think after every good rain shower comes a nice rainbow once that sun decides to peek out. I'm trying so hard to get use to my new life. I have lost a lil bit of weight and have been feeling more energetic on most days. This is good!!

I'm also learning that foods can be a powerful tool in my journey. Like today for example, I had a gluten free burrito for lunch. It sent me crashing afterwards!!! Lesson learned. Stick to real food if I wanna stay awake and function like a normal person.

I'm still waiting on some blood work to come back from over a month ago. Went to Houston to visit a specialist at Baylor Medical Center. So far no word. Think it's time for a call.

Well I hope your Monday turned out just fine and if not just realize that there is a rainbow at some point in your own personal journey. All you gotta do is look for it. May not be any but hey you never know!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wonder Woman?

I may vent here just a bit so bare with me.....

Today was a great day! I get to go to work later than normal.Enjoyed my morning coffee and got to watch the Today Show before work. Didn't realize it came on on Sat. mornings. That was nice. 
Had a nice productive day at work and fit in a couple of new clients. Worked a little later than expected but that's ok! I love my job. Well after that we went to the in-laws and I got to visit my lil nephew. Ohhh he is a doll!! So sweet and loves to cuddle. I didn't visit too long but we had fun.
When I got home I decided to drag out the vaccum. In the middle of my cleaning streak it decides to go out. So I sweep my rugs and floors as best as I can. My legs are bothering me by this point but nothing major. A couple of hours go by and BAM!! Both legs wanna fall asleep all the way down to my feet. Fatigue sit in...

Note to self. I need to listen to my body. I just can't keep going like freaking Wonder Woman! All I did was sweep the dang floor LOL!!! Humm. So now I'm in my bed with my feet up. Tomorrow this mess better be gone. I am a tough cookie and can handle most days but I will not go by a cane or end up in a wheelchair just to clean my house. SCREW IT!! LMHOOoooo.

Plans for tomorrow. Sit on my bum and do some stretching. My eating has still been good and that scale is going down! Personal victory for today. I fit into a pair of my smaller jeans!! Yes! I win lol ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend and please take care of you cus nobody else is gonna do it!! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Love Day

Valentines Day is approaching us. We don't normally make a big deal over it. The holidays were  just here and my birthday is comming up in March. I just wanna stay home and put my feet up while my husband cooks for me :) Sure there may be a big mess to clean up,but that's ok. Would much rather do that then go out with all of the crazy folk. Having MS just makes me wanna stay home and relax away from crowds and noise. We use to go to the movies quite often. Once to twice a week. The last couple of times was either on a Monday or Tuesday. Both times my husband had to get up and ask people to ssssshut up! LOL why pay to sit and talk? I just don't get it. Maybe my age is catching up. Now that being said, any woman would love to be swept off of their feet for Valentines Day or just any day for that matter. We are alot more simpler than men realize! Foot rubs,lil candy or a simple go CLEAN my kitchen would be awesome!! :0)

Ok trying not to go into that subject too much. It's love day weekend after all. I have to say one of the most memorable V Day gifts I ever received was when my husband and I were first dating. We worked at Mcdonalds. That's how we met years ago. I was at home and he came over with a heart shaped pancake and a poem. He use to write for me all the time. We still have our box of love letters and pictures we would draw each other. Sweet hu? Yep sure was!

So do something nice for your sweetie this Valentines. Please feel free to share your plans for love day!! Have a great weekend! Ps if my husband is reading this...please no candy!! Watching my girlish figure!! However diamonds are free in Weight Watcher points lol. Just kidding!! ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Peanut Butter Freak

 Another pretty good day! Towards the end of work my right leg wanted to give out again. Just falls asleep on me lol. About 3:00 I wanted to fall over due to fatigue but it got better. ;)
Well eating wise went great again today. Breakfast was gf cereal with,blueberries,banana and Almond milk. Not sure if I'm a fan of that stuff just yet. One cup of coffee. Normally have two. Go me lol. Lunch was leftover lean beef tips with brown rice and veggies. Threw in another banana for a snack. Dinner was at the Cracker Barrel. Had a huge oven roasted turkey salad. However when I got home that craving hit! I wanted something sweet!! Hit the fridge and see the peanut butter!! Holly cow I want it right off the spoon lol. Mmm this is my favorite brand. No added sugar or salt. Good stuff! The chunky is great as well! When I was super active,before my fatigue and other issues, I would have at least two tbsp of this stuff every dang day!! Slowly I weened myself off. Oh it was hard. had to do it though. PB did not agree with my belly! Now once a month I have a weird snack. I get Reese's pb cups and Doritos nacho chips. Well I take one bite of my pb cup then take a chip and scoop out the pb from my pb cup!! Omg sooo good lol! I know I'm a freak. Can't help it. Yum!

Sitting here on my couch and ending the night with a heating pad on my leg. Feels great! Thanks for reading my blog!! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Expresso is a no go!

 This morning was feeling pretty good. Had a huge headache last night and was hoping it wasn't a start of a relapse. Haven't had one like that in a good while. You know those kind that make you wanna slap somebody lol. Grrr. Locked myself up in my room with my laptop and decided to have a nice cup of hot chocolate and like 20 mini marshmallows lol. To my surprise it went away about 20 min or so after my yummy cup of goodness. Tonight it's back. Humm. May need more hot chocolate lol. I'm trying to cut this sugar habit and it's soooo hard!! So this morning for breakfast I had two eggs and a slice of Gluten free bread,and of course some coffee on the side. Need to up the protein as well. I can't and won't give up my coffee!! Flat out! :) Well before lunch I decide that a pick me up is needed to fight this fatigue. I pull out this lil Low cal no sugar number and decide to give it a shot. WOW!! Strong stuff it is!! Ps as you can see it has no sugar. Omg sooo.. lol..I take three small swigs and can do no more. Gag me,puke!! LOL. It's reg coffee all the way for this girl!! My boss decided to take it over and she added Splenda. Said it helped a whole lot lol.

Later, after my failed attempt to gain some energy from my lil can, It was lunch time. The lil bit of that drink gave me another dang headache! Well I pull out my lunch and it's sooo good! Left overs from last night. Stuffed portabella mushroom and a side of extra lean hamburger beef,with veggies and topped with tomatoes. LOVVVVEE tomatoes! Yum yum! Lunch filled me up till dinner. On my way home from work and here comes another freaking headache. :( Dinner was good. Beef tips with veggies over lemon pepper brown rice

Just wanna share my recipe for stuffed mushrooms cus it was gooood!

Take your mushroom and clean them off.
set oven at 400 deg
on the stove brown your meat,onion,garlic and bell pepper
Place just the mushroom in the oven for bout ten min or so
After the meat is done turn stove top off and take any kind of low fat or ff cream cheese and mix it in
I used,I think lol,laughing cow jalapne'o spread cheese. Low fat.
Stuff your mushroom and top with low fat or ff cheddar cheese
Stick back in the oven for 10 to 15 min.

Sooooo easy soooo good!! Even better the next day!
Gluten free seems to be working well for me. Please feel free to share this link and spread the word on MS awareness! Your comments are appreciated!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 This morning I was craving chocolate!! We have had this Nutella in our home for about a month. I have only gotten into it once! This is a big deal because I love it. Try to keep this out of my home for that very reason,but somebody went grocer shopping and decided to grab some. Cough..cough..husband!! LOL You can do all kinds of things with this stuff. One of my favorite ways is to freeze it. Learned that by accident too! Was sticking the devil chocolate in the freezer to get it outta site. Normally I dump trigger foods in the trash. Not afraid to do it either!! However I just could not make myself throw out the Nutella!! You are the devil.
Ps. It's gluten free too. Not sugar free though.

Well last night I made us some lettuce wraps and stuffed mushrooms. Oh that was a huge hit! Totally enjoyed the stuffed mushroom! It was so much food I could not finish it. I think I will keep posting my foods to keep me on track! Lunch today will be the leftover lettuce wrap. Mmm.

Yesterday was a good day. It started out with numbness in my right arm. Been dealing with it for 4 days now. Getting on my nerves but it's not a life or death situation. Just give it a slap every so often and say WAKE UP DANG IT!!! LOL. Hopefully the changes in my diet will help with these weirdo symptoms. Nutella? Well maybe you need to go. Once a month treat? Maybe so :)

If you have any thoughts please feel free to share. Thanks! :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pizza! Or is it?

This is what we had for dinner last night!! GF cauliflower pizza! You can find this crust on I am not a cauliflower girl. Yuck, but this was soooo good! Don't knock it till you try it folks!! My husband even ate three slices. It will be done again cus I love pizza. The only different think I did was add some parm to the pizza crust for a little added flavor. Anything tastes better with cheese on it right lol?? My only complaint was that I should had let the crust cook just a bit more for that crispy effect.

Each week I need to step out of my box food wise. veggies are my sure down fall,and I gotta sneak them in as much as possible. We have some asparagus in the fridge that needs to be dug out. Now who doesn't like bacon wrapped asparagus? Anything wrapped in bacon is good lol. However we won't be going there! Maybe with a little olive oil,garlic,salt and pepper all toasted in the oven would be just fine. Also have some mushroom caps that need to be cleaned up and stuffed with lean beef and maybe more cheese lol. Not really good to have all the dairy when it comes to MS. That is sooo hard for me. Love my cow cheese! I just try and limit it as much as possible.

Well wish me luck on dinner for tonight! Asparagus and mushroom caps it is :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Staying Gluten Free

This is my third week doing the GF Lifestyle. So far so good. Not gonna sugar coat it and say I have been perfect for sure! Lots of good foods are GF,some are not so healthy. Just take a peek at my desert here lol. With my MS and my husband recently being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes we have no choice but to be good to ourselves. He has done really well the past two weeks and has joined WW. Very proud of him.Now we can take this journey together.

During the week we have been trying to focus on lean meats,fruits and veggies. Turned down cupcakes at a party last night! Go me! That's huge! I loveee cake lol. However I decided to have a lil bit to drink. Was the first time doing that while being on my meds. I have asked my MS friends on their take when it comes to liquor and moderation is key. Wasn't sure how I was gonna wake up this morning,but I slept all night for the first time in a while!! No I'm not gonna become a brunkerd :)
Just good to know that if I wanna have a bit it will be ok!! Know my limits. Your a lil loopy anyway when it comes to MS so it doesn't take much.

Hanging out with the girls was fun and should be done more often! Last night was a shower for a coworker and great friend of mine. Love ya G and I hope the after party was a success! Didn't get to go to that due to fatigue and well gotta have my daily nightly injection. This girl just can't party all night lol. Have to say getting use to the injection has taken some time but it's getting better.

Not to self for my weekend (Sunday through Tuesday) stay on the GF train and try to keep to mostly healthy clean choices! Enjoy the Super Bowl if that's what your doing today! I think I will take a peek at Madonna's performance!You never know whats gonna happen.

Friday, February 3, 2012


It's almost 8:15 and I am groggy from lack of sleep. My coffee hasn't kicked in just yet. I don't think I could do it without my coffee lol!!! Three or five years ago I would had snubbed my nose up at it. Now I will take it hot or cold please!! Anyway I can get it! The only bad thing is the coffee breath! Omg I hate that stench lol. When I have it at work I try and brush my teeth after or chew some gum. That is the worst thing I wanna smell is my own coffee breath! Another bad kind of breath is cigarette breath..Yuck! Ahhhaa look at me going on about breath lol.

One thing I will share is I'm weird about bodily fluids!! A freak lol. Not everybody knows this about me. My husband sure does and takes full advantage to test me at times!! I'm not gonna share some of those stories here but if your curious and you know me just ask lol.

Well it's Friday and I hope to have a pain free weekend! I'm just gonna keep on trucking with my coffee by my side. The Super Bowl is on Sunday and we may hang out with family and just chill.
A stop at Starbuck's will be in order!!

Make it a great weeken no matter what!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 So yesterday I got some info in regarding my latest test. Had a spinal MRI last week. I get thees results over the phone from a receptionist. Just the general "what's wrong with you" deal. Well partly good news here! No legions on my spine!! However I have what is called "degenerative disc disorder." It is in my neck causing havoc lol. She gave me no actual info on this,just stated that ms is not present in my spinal area and I gotta wait for further info from my Dr. in the next visit..umm 28 days from now.

I hope this is something that can be some what controlled at some point! Looks like from my reading up and talking with my mother-in law it may be! Yes we are friends lol. Anyway if surgery is needed then I will explore that option but I hope not.

Over all I have MS and a neck issue. It does not have me! I told a friend of mine yesterday..Holli as long as I can have chocolate every so often I am a happy woman!! I mean it too!!Never come between a woman and her chocolate or coffee. Coffee is a sure must every day to fight this fatigue. I don't mind taking it either ;)

Will fight this all the way. I learned something today that about brought me to tears!! One of my fb friends is doing a walk for MS and she asked my permission to use one of my photos on her shirt! The sweetest thing ever. This gets me to thinking I also should get involved in some sort of walk or host one maybe? Will ponder this!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spring like

Our weather lately has been pretty nice!! This morning it was chilly burr lol. Texas is bipolar when it comes to the weather. I am cold 24/7 it seems,always have been. No matter where I go I'm freezing!!
  The other day I heard some birds outside in the back yard. Guess it's almost time to get the bird feed ready. My cats love to watch them! Those suckers are mean to my babies lol.
  Yard work was always a passion. I'm gonna find a way to get into the yard this year no matter what. Use to spend hours and hours in the yard. My arms looked fabulous!!!!!!!! Lmho. Well they did!
 Another great thing about the spring is just the clothing! Love those long loose dresses and flip flops. being a girl is so much fun at times!
 So here's to seeing more sun and to longer day's!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Drink up! Wind down!

 If you know me well you know I don't drink much. Maybe one or two drinks a year at tops!
The last drink I had was on my birthday last March with a friend of mine at the Casino.
Oh we had a blast! She even won some dough! Was very happy for her cus it was our first time meeting! She is still a great friend of mine today! This lil thing flew all the way from Wisconsin to come visit a stranger she had met online lol. That was so crazy I know but it was so worth it to invite her into my life! Love ya Cindy!!!

My point is that this week I am wanting to wind down and may decided to have a lil something. The thing is people with MS are light weights! Were a lil loopy any who sooo it doesn't take much lmhooo. I have always wondered why I just can't have more than one drink before I start acting up! Now if jello shots are involved well that's a different story! Two years ago I made some for a Halloween party and dang they were strong!! Umm but they didn't last too long. I came home and went to my room,after at least 7,and my husband walks in on my talking and laughing at myself!! Too funny lol. Yep liquor and I do not mix!!

I may have to find a skinny ritta at some point this weekend. Chilli's has a skinny ritta for 110 calories. Gonna think about that!!! :) This sure looks purdy good!!! Have a great weekend folks!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

MRI Country Blues

 This morning was my spinal MRI and it wasn't great but not too bad. The nurse was nice and let me listen to country music. I chose that so I wouldn't get the urge to rock it out and wanna move much lol. As she tucks me in and moves me into position I start to freak out a bit so she gives me a nice cool towel to cover my face. Did take something my Dr. prescribed for me to make me chill out a bit. It had a late start! My arm starts itching and I'm like oh crap I'm not suppose to move!! It's so loud in there and the bed is shaking. What do I do?? Well I tried to zen myself out and get into the Kerry Underwood song that was playing loudly on my headphones. Just Breath AMY!!! So 3 hours later I'm alive and well lol. So groggy and stumbling everywhere from my meds.
I wasn't drunk I promise officer ;o)

My husband picks me up and I get home and sleep it off. Can't wait for the results to get in. Hopefully next week. Our spine is so important! Nerves are attached to it and so is the brain.

This was my second MRI. The first one was of my brain and during that one I had a nice cold so it was torture. They found over 20 legions. Yea that's scary but hey I'm still functional!! They said they were old. Good sign. Now I do have to say the Lumbar Puncture (spinal tap) was a slice of cake!! They just stuck that needle in my spine,while I got to watch) and I really didn't feel much. It was so cool to watch that too!! Yes I'm weird :0)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Licking Windows

The past few days have been such a blurr! I feel like this animal lmaoo. Yep genuine and certified window licker. Will call him bob the window licker lol. Just let it out!! :)

Ok so we have had some issues to over come.
On top of that my spinal MRI is at 7 am tomorrow. Gonna be a long night I can feel it. Glad for the MRI though. It's been a long time comming!

After that I think my husband and I both will sleep the entire rest of the day. They are putting me out for the 3 hour procedure. Yea!! LOL. The last MRI was of my brain and I had a cold so that was torture. Gonna sleep gooooood!!

Ok it's time for rest. My cat pumpkin is out and she is purring in her sleep. Looks so peaceful. Hope I can sleep just as good as her. Catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzz's

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's ok to cry

 My day started with a meeting at work. These girls are awesome!! I am so lucky to have them in my life. We went over the general rules of the salon and went over some things that a few of us has learned at a hair class last week. Over all it was a great meeting. The owner is a good friend of mine and she and I have been together forever it seems!! We have been trough a lot together. She asked me to speak today about MS and just touch on a few things. I am like Bridget Jones when it comes to talking in front of an audience anyways so this added more pressure. I thought OK no biggie,I was all for it!!!I'm gonna make this short and then we can keep going.Well I get one maybe two sentences into it and hear comes the ugly cry! I am not a crier so it was ugly lmaooooo. Ugg so embarrassing!! One of the girls took over for me. She was a god send! Thank you so much! You know who you are!!

I have only allowed myself to cry one other time about my health issue. I think it let out some stress even if it was ugly lol. A few of us were in tears together. It's nice to know that I have so much support. Just warms my heart.

So today's lesion is cry when you need to Amy,slap someone around too if it helps!! Just kidding :)

Thank you for reading my blog and feel free to share your ugly cry stories <3

Monday, January 23, 2012


 Do you hear that lil voice inside you say "get up,don't do this,do that..bahaabahhaa lol?" My mind constantly goes. Even if it looks like I'm all chilled out. I feel like it's a race to the finish line,but there is no ribbon,no people cheering me on or no bubbly champagne waiting on me. Wake up and smell the freakin roses! LMAOooo that's what I tell myself. Don't depend upon others to cheer ya on. Sometimes I do need a kick though. Shhh don't tell my husband I said that! :)

I have been thinking about going to the grocer store every since I got up this morning. I need stuff to make chicken and rice soup for tonight,fruits and veggies. The car needs a good cleaning out. I wish I had a couple of kids to pawn the car washing on! Wouldn't that be nice!! This fatigue is killing me. Coffee is not doing it.

Ok I decided that I need a shower and it's time to dust myself off!! Enough is enough.  No pitty party allowed.Today I'm making some healthy gf muffins too. I have always loved my Mondays off. Those are my cooking days. Time to crack that whip!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I have a birthday coming up in March. The big 36!! Oh my lawrd lol. I ask myself htis has being 35 treated you? Do this every year. Well I found out I have MS,my memory is that of an old lady,my bladder is outta control,back and body aches ect ect...!!! Who doesn't have problems?? I can wallo in my sorrow or just be glad for one more day! 36 is not old. Am the same person as when I was 25,22 or 17. Outside has changed some. For the better! I lost over 100 lbs with Weight watchers and plan on keeping it off.

As we age and as my disease progresses I wonder if I can keep my sanity? I'm a lil nutty anyways so I think I will be just fine. Just need to exercise my brain and keep the stress down. Stress can bring on relapses and that's not good. 

Maybe I can find a hobby like knitting? Have tried the jewelry thing and that was fun but I got a lil obsessed lmaoo.Hours and hours of making jewelry. Had fun though. Keeping the mind busy is a good thing. Sometimes I read. Oh am a huge True Blood fan! The Sookie Stack House novels are awsome!

Please feel free to share you ways of destressing!! :) 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The weight of cake

Today's subject is about weight,as you can tell by my lil curvy red head on the side. I have been on the gluten free lifestyle for two weeks. I like it and it keeps me from over doing it on the sweets. People who know me know that I have lost 115lbs on Weight Watchers. I have gained 15 lbs since this past year. The fatigue has taken over my exercise! I have decided I need to get to the gym on Monday and get in the pool that I pay a monthly fee for lol. Enough is enough! I miss that take my life and health by the horns person I once was!! I think I could be a swimmer. To be honest I have gotten use to my curvyness. COMPLACENT!! Yep that's the word heee. Ok normally I am this all or nothing gym freak. Gone is that Amy. I need to find balance. On top of that it needs to be done not just to get into my skinny jeans but for my health. Even if I loose 5 or 7 lbs it's a step in the right direction!

One thing about MS is that sugar,dairy and sugar substitutes break down the lining that covers the nerve for protection. May also be some other things I should avoid but I can't remember. Day's of the diet cherry DR.PEPPER are over. OMG that was my
crack!!!!! :) I am proud to say that I went to a friends bridal shower today and had a nice salad before I arrived. Avoided "THE CUPCAKES!" Yea me! Cake is just another form of "CRACK!"
ONCE A SUGAR ADDICT ALWAYS A SUGAR ADDICT. You just gotta learn how to control it.
Any sugar crack heads out there?? Yea you know what I'm talking abut! HA!

Ok now that the crack is outta my life it has been replaced with coffee mmm coffee!
A nice warm cup sounds great about now......

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ants in my pants?

Anyone with MS and on Capaxone knows what it feels like to have aunts in your pants!
This itchy sensation,along with the dreaded lumpy knots under the skin is just what
anybody could possibly hope for. Not lol. I hear after a few months your body starts to adjust.
Just as like with any other medication there will be some sort of side affect or side affects.
Dry mouth blah blah blah. Makes me wanna drink a cold coke from Sonic and I hate coke! OOO but they have the best ice around! On our last vacation we took our dog Jack and he and I both shared a cup of Sonic ice lol. Reminds me of another crazy side effect of sickness or motion sickness. We were in the mountains and I was so sick! At least the view was nice! I could live in the mountains for sure. Hubby was very patient with me and we stopped prob every hour or so just to stretch and let me get to the ladies room. Yep just one more issue with MS. When it comes to it you gotta have a plan for that restroom to be close or you have a second plan. Umm depends lmaoooooo. Umm not at that state at this time :)
Am fully stocked up on Benadryl,cream,spray and cooling jell. I have to say the jell is pretty nice!
So if you happen to personally know me or someone with MS and they are on Capaxone,just know there is a reason why they sneek a scratch! Yep Ants! :)


Thursday, January 19, 2012


 Fourth Blog!

This morning as I leave for work one of my favorite songs comes on the radio.Martina Mcbride,I hope you dance(I think that's the name.) Anyway I sang it loudly in my car and didn't give a hoot who was watching lol. Now anyone who knows me knows that I do not dance!! I suck like Chuck! :)
It was an uplifting song and I enjoyed it. Ms keeps me from doing my normal things at times. It slows me down but I will not give in. I just gotta keep on going. A client of mine today said we can cry and take pity on ourselves or just laugh and keep going. Some days my legs hurt,my memory loss kicks in, or something else! Because it's a nerve disorder you just don't know what the day will bring.I think back to the old me,a year ago I was active and in my yard every weekend! Come take a look at it now! Looks like crap lmaoo. Oh well nothing is gonna happen to me if I have crab grass or a few hundred weeds! Who cares lol. This spring I hope to prune the red roses I planted a few years back for my late Grandmother. She was such a strong loving woman. Nobody can replace your grandmother! Some of her last words to me were "Amy I want lots and lots of red roses at my funeral!!"She got that plus some! On top of that she had a Mexican band play at her funeral in the Catholic church because she wanted it to be like a party! What a wonderful woman! She just wanted us to dance

Thank you for reading my blog. Remember to dance even if you can't lol. :)
Amy sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I have already Blogged today but am probably gonna have a little trouble sleeping,I can feel it! My cat Suki is giving me the eye from a cross the room. She is a black and white short haired cat with lots of attitude! We had another black and white a few years ago she passed away. She also had major attitude! What is it with these black and whites? I don't care what people say but cats seem to express tons of individual personalities. Some greet us when we come home and others do not. Hate to admit it but we have 8! I think like some people they do do like to have some space. You gotta know when to mess with em and when not too,or you may get scratched!

My aunt came to visit one day and she is not a cat fan. She had a bad experience once with a mad cat! Any way she went to use the bathroom and didn't realize that one had slipped in lol. She was doing her business and next thing ya know she looked up and one was about to pounce! I heard a loud scream lmbooo. Poor thing. I felt so bad. They are funny creatures. You just never know what to expect.

One day when my husband was eating fried chicken Sugar,our now diseased kitty,jumped up and snached his chicken leg from his hand and ran under the bed with it. The sound that came out of her mouth was like a demonic black panther! It was a super hard to get that chicken from her,but we laughed our butts off. Oh gosh we miss her. 

Sugar had seizures due to an allergic reaction to the medication she was given when going to be spayed. It was so sad. She lost her sight and her two front paws cramped up to where she could no longer walk. We tried everything to get her back to some kind of normal. Even sent her to Texas A&M for further testing. Eventually she adapted to her surroundings and was even able to get around quite well. We then decided to move and that's when we realized she needed to be put down. It was too stressful for her and her seizures started up again. Ohh so sad! Anyway I know she is in a much better place now!! 

Sorry bout my bummer post!! Hope everyone has a nice night!

Sit Stay!

I'm having an issue today! My right leg wants to give out. Humm may be in need of a diva cane in the near future! Just kidding. However I think I could rock out a bling bling cane or walker if need be,but not anytime soon!!! I am excited to get an MRI of my spine. Need to know whats up before I fall an hurt myself or maim one of my animals lol. I had a couple of coworkers get on to me today. SIT AMY! Gosh it's hard to sit 24/7. By the time my day is up and I get home I can sit all night and no problem. Snuggle up on the couch with my beagle Jack. This is gonna take some getting use to.

I had a client come in today. She is 70. Cute as can be and has a spunky personality,she also has lots of health issues. She was going over her medication and daily vitamin intake. This lil woman was full of information. As she is giving me her advice on things I kept saying yep I do that,yes mam I am taking the same thing too,yep yep lmaoooo. OMG I'm becoming an old lady!!! It's all good. It is what it is and at least I have a few older and wiser folks who can relate.

Lesson for today...
 Sit when I am told and take my vitamins! Health is something we all take for granted until one day it knocks you on your...well you know!
MS has taught me a few things. Slowing down is a good thing. Accept help. Eat your veggies! LOL

So tonight as I sit here with Jack and rub some Benadryl cooling jell on my swollen injection areas, you MSer's can relate, I ponder on thoughts of what could had been and what still can be. Life is not over I think it's  just starting to take a different route. Ps my dog just passed gas but that's ok!!! LOLOL omg no more treats Jack my goodness boy!! ;)

Amy Sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rush Rush!

  So this day started out with coffee! Omg I am in love with it lol. I had a follow up today with my Neurologist. Since I went to Houston to see a specialist last week,whom I love by the way, I thought ok this will be an in and out visit. Lick-ity-split! Well she decided that since I had an episode in Kroger last week I need to have an MRI on my spine. I thought I wasn't gonna make it to my car due to my legs locking up on me. Scared the poo outta me lol. I made it nice and slow eventually while hugging my buggy hunched over like an 80 year old woman. I had a few looks but all was fine.:)
 Any who a lil over a year ago I injured my lower back working out with a personal trainer. I'm sure this is not helping the matter. SOOO I informed her that I have no problem with the MRI I just wanna be knocked out cold thank you very much! She agreed. After that I went to run some errands and then meet my two brothers at the salon. I'm off today but decided these two are in dyer needs of a fro cut! They entertained me as my payment lol. To my surprise they both swept up after themselves like good boys.
  It was then time for lunch with a coworker for a nice long chat. I had a yummy salad. Came home and started cleaning. This day has flown by. I have noticed I am a clutter bug! OMG bad lol. I did not make a New Years resolution. Typically it involves loosing some form of fat off of my body lol. This year I guess I need to "clean my closets." Get out the old and bring in the new!
HA!! Fed Ex man just arrived with our new scale lololol!!!  My husband promised me he would start Weight Watchers with me.  I have been on it about 6 years and have been successful.

Lets share some resolutions!

Monday, January 16, 2012

First Blog!

So here goes nothing,or something!

Just to let ya know I am not the best speller...ect...ect! LOL
So if you are reading this I am not perfect. Now that that's out of the way I say thank you for taking the time to read my first blog.

Just a little about me then we can get into the nitty gritty. I am 35 about to be 25...cough cough :)
I am married to a wonderful husband who puts up with my spicy attitude. I would like to take this time to thank you Neil James Sleep for your compassion and complete understanding in my time of need. I could not do this without you,period! You are my rock even if I don't say it. Ps rocks can be stubborn but hey they have a rough and a smooth side :)

Well I first realized that something was not quite right with me about 6 or so months ago. I had almost daily migraines,felt dizzy,faint at times and often felt flush. NOW for years I had numbness of my hands and feet and at times had this strange sensation on the lower left side of my head. I just thought "oh it's nothing" and went about my business. When it got so bad I could not function I finally decided to get checked out. It was affecting my moods,work and my life in general. I gained weight and could't jog like I use to. That was crushing. I loved to just go go go. This stopped me in my tracks.

After the CT Scan,MRI,Spinal Tap ect. I finally had some answers. I had MS. No denying it. It is what it is and I can't control it. However I will not let it completely control me. I am strong like bull lol. This has taught me to slow down,take care of me. Not just physically but mentally as well. Kick the stress in my life.

As I have noticed my memory short term suffers at times. I literally have to laugh at some of the things I forget!! CRACKS me up!!! Ps my husband loves to rub this in. TURD lol. What is life if you can't make fun of yourself?? I will not loose that dry since of humor. I loose that and I loose myself. Not gonna happen.

I just wanted to say another thank you for my lovely coworkers. I love you all like sisters even if I don't act like it at times. I'm a quiet person at work but I DO LOVE YA'LL!!! You are the best group of girls! I also have some fb sista's up in he house that I love! You girls know who you are. <3

Thank's for giving me a bit of your time and reading my first blog. I am no longer a blog virgin!! Please feel free to ask me anything at anytime. MS has no cure and getting the word out there just means we are closer to a cure!

            Amy Sleep....zzzzzzzzzzz