Friday, February 10, 2012

Love Day

Valentines Day is approaching us. We don't normally make a big deal over it. The holidays were  just here and my birthday is comming up in March. I just wanna stay home and put my feet up while my husband cooks for me :) Sure there may be a big mess to clean up,but that's ok. Would much rather do that then go out with all of the crazy folk. Having MS just makes me wanna stay home and relax away from crowds and noise. We use to go to the movies quite often. Once to twice a week. The last couple of times was either on a Monday or Tuesday. Both times my husband had to get up and ask people to ssssshut up! LOL why pay to sit and talk? I just don't get it. Maybe my age is catching up. Now that being said, any woman would love to be swept off of their feet for Valentines Day or just any day for that matter. We are alot more simpler than men realize! Foot rubs,lil candy or a simple go CLEAN my kitchen would be awesome!! :0)

Ok trying not to go into that subject too much. It's love day weekend after all. I have to say one of the most memorable V Day gifts I ever received was when my husband and I were first dating. We worked at Mcdonalds. That's how we met years ago. I was at home and he came over with a heart shaped pancake and a poem. He use to write for me all the time. We still have our box of love letters and pictures we would draw each other. Sweet hu? Yep sure was!

So do something nice for your sweetie this Valentines. Please feel free to share your plans for love day!! Have a great weekend! Ps if my husband is reading this...please no candy!! Watching my girlish figure!! However diamonds are free in Weight Watcher points lol. Just kidding!! ;)


  1. points for neil james!! good job :) i wish i had saved the few letters my james and i wrote.. happy vday love birds!