Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweets and what they do to MS

 As I sit here on my couch snuggled with my beagle Jack,I'm thinking of all the stuff I should be doing lol. Just got done watching The Today Show and now about to watch The DR.'s. Of course it's a Valentines Day special. We won't be going out tonight with the crowd. Totally past that! I would rather stay home and have my husband cook and serve me a nice healthy dinner!! We are gonna have some collards,lean pork chops,oven roasted veggies and my husband wants Key Lime pie. I won't be eating it cus it has gluten and unwanted sugar. I can tell my moods get way off when I over do it on the sugar or even sugar free stuff. I get these weird sensations in the back of my head. Like an itch I just can't get to. My memory acts up as well. With MS you really gotta stay off of the Splenda and sugar substitutes. It breaks down the lining that covers our nerves. Once that is broken down it sends mixed messages through out our body. Thus causing twitches,loss of eye site,numbing  and or burning sensations in our limbs, sensitivity to cold or heat ect..ect.. sooo it's not worth it lol. OMG I miss my diet cherry Dr. Pepper!!! Lifestyle changes are a must. I wanna live a long healthy life. Do I have my moments? WHY YES! Lol,but I have been keeping it to a minimal and am feeling much better.

Think I am finally coming to terms with this Chronic Nerve business. No we are not completely friends but I think we can learn to be neighbors. No I won't bother to knock on your door and ask to watch a movie with ya,nor will I wanna come over and borrow a cup of sugar! You can keep it, If I see that you try and sneak in through a window I will shove you down the fire escape. :) Fight you with all that I have. Will not be defeated.

Enjoy this day with your love.If your love is far then send him or her well wishes. If you don't have one then treat yourself!!

Thanks for reading my blog <3


  1. thanks for the usual pick <3 happy valentines day my beautiful friend!

  2. Happy love day to you as well love ya bunches!! Enjoy those babies today! <3

  3. Oh Amy,
    Your wise and witty Blog is a joy to read!
    You are so very wise and strong,surely a lesson for all.
    Happy VALENTINE'S DAY to one Smart Cookie made without gluten,without sugar,without artificial sweeteners.How about nature,sweetened with pumpkin,cinnamon,sweet carrots.???
    You have the answers for you and other's. Gives me food for thought..:) <3