Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wonder Woman?

I may vent here just a bit so bare with me.....

Today was a great day! I get to go to work later than normal.Enjoyed my morning coffee and got to watch the Today Show before work. Didn't realize it came on on Sat. mornings. That was nice. 
Had a nice productive day at work and fit in a couple of new clients. Worked a little later than expected but that's ok! I love my job. Well after that we went to the in-laws and I got to visit my lil nephew. Ohhh he is a doll!! So sweet and loves to cuddle. I didn't visit too long but we had fun.
When I got home I decided to drag out the vaccum. In the middle of my cleaning streak it decides to go out. So I sweep my rugs and floors as best as I can. My legs are bothering me by this point but nothing major. A couple of hours go by and BAM!! Both legs wanna fall asleep all the way down to my feet. Fatigue sit in...

Note to self. I need to listen to my body. I just can't keep going like freaking Wonder Woman! All I did was sweep the dang floor LOL!!! Humm. So now I'm in my bed with my feet up. Tomorrow this mess better be gone. I am a tough cookie and can handle most days but I will not go by a cane or end up in a wheelchair just to clean my house. SCREW IT!! LMHOOoooo.

Plans for tomorrow. Sit on my bum and do some stretching. My eating has still been good and that scale is going down! Personal victory for today. I fit into a pair of my smaller jeans!! Yes! I win lol ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend and please take care of you cus nobody else is gonna do it!! 

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