Monday, February 13, 2012

Rainy day

It's one of those stay on your couch and in your jammies kind of day! Nasty as all get out once you step outside of my door. Got up this morning and lounged for a bit,then did some cleaning. that's when the fatigue and leg wanted to start acting up. I took a lunch break and then decided coffee and some good music was a must!! One of my favorite songs right now is by Flo Rida..Good Feeling. Not only is he a good looking guy but this song and video hits me when I watch it. In some parts of his video he is jogging or doing some sort of exercise. Working out makes such a difference mentally and physically. Today mine was cleaning and having a concert on my couch lol. Go Flo!!!!

Well I think after every good rain shower comes a nice rainbow once that sun decides to peek out. I'm trying so hard to get use to my new life. I have lost a lil bit of weight and have been feeling more energetic on most days. This is good!!

I'm also learning that foods can be a powerful tool in my journey. Like today for example, I had a gluten free burrito for lunch. It sent me crashing afterwards!!! Lesson learned. Stick to real food if I wanna stay awake and function like a normal person.

I'm still waiting on some blood work to come back from over a month ago. Went to Houston to visit a specialist at Baylor Medical Center. So far no word. Think it's time for a call.

Well I hope your Monday turned out just fine and if not just realize that there is a rainbow at some point in your own personal journey. All you gotta do is look for it. May not be any but hey you never know!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!!


  1. thanks for the cheer boo! go flo.. lol:)

  2. Love ya lou!! Anytime!! Go Flo!!!

  3. Beautiful rainbow - the colors are magical.
    Love Gail