Monday, May 21, 2012

Managing my MS


It's been forever since my last entry. Lots of things have been going on. Mostly good. My Ms is under control for the most part. I try and keep a positive mindset. It is what it is and I have to make the best of my situation. Seems like the more I stress,the worse off I feel. Who wants to be miserable all the time? Not me. The past few days I have had an episode.The brain fog,massive headaches,numbness and feeling dizzy. Gives me a good excuse to sit on my rump and watch trash TV!! LOL.

I have a few friends who understand what I am going through and that helps bunches. Don't like talking about my situation much unless someone asks. Even then there is this nice weird bit of silence that follows. Nobody likes that. Learning to say "I'm just fine thank you very much." Learning to manage is key when it comes to this disease,or any other. Most days I'm feeling just fine and I know I'm a lucky girl.
Count your blessings as well as your health!! Never know when the things you treasure most of all could be changed in an instant.

Peace and love till the next time!!! :))

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  1. Keep giggling! MS is rather funny, hot is cold, cold is hot, the floor loves to kiss us, electric shocks when we bend our heads, "Where did my foot go?" On and on. Things WILL get better! (then worse) (THen BETTER!!) (then worse) (and so on and so on and....)